Ferrite Bonded Magnets


Industrial Permanent Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Bonded ferrite is produced by mixing plastic matrix and ferrite oxides.

The production process of permanent bonded ferrite magnets has been known since the 50’s, mainly the injection moulding and compression practice.

The assembling process and miniaturization of devices using these kinds of magnets are optimized thanks to the over-moulding process. In this case, magnet post-processing is usually not necessary. Magnetization configurations can be optimized to the need of the final device application.

The Production of Permanent Bonded Magnets

Permanent bonded ferrite magnets have high resistance to oxidation and in general to chemical aggression.

This makes bonded ferrite magnets particularly suited to application where the contact with liquid or aggressive environment is frequent. Thermal behaviour is acceptable for many applications as its coercive force is not reduced up to maximum working temperature, 120 °C.

Permanent bonded ferrite magnets have the following applications:

  • Motor magnets
  • Magnetic rings for aerodynamic component
  • Colour television monitor
  • Isotropic injection products
  • Anisotropic injection products

MPI Magnets specialized in the production of permanent bonded ferrite magnets. With an experience of more than 30 years, we have successfully designed and manufactured a full range of top-quality products and distributed them around the world.