MPI considers the compliance with existing regulation one of the main corporate values.
To us in particular complying with the environmental regulation is fundamental and we are proud to respect them even when they involve an important commitment in terms of costs.
Among the regulation adopted there is the European Union’s REACH, created to improve the protection of human health and environment from the risks of chemicals and to reduce animal testing.

The REACH applies to all chemicals circulating in the EU and affects most of the European companies that produce or import substances above the annual tonne.

Through studies and analysis registered in “registration dossiers”, these companies have the burden of identifying and managing the risks associated with substances that they produce or sell in the EU, with the aim of demonstrating how to use them safely and informing the users of risk management measures.
All dossiers are forwarded to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) which governs substances on the EU market. ECHA processes dossiers in the field of industrial chemicals and verifies the compliance with the legislation.

In accordance with ECHA’s interpretation in the Q & As of the ECHA website : “A magnet must be considered a substance or a mixture (and not an item) in accordance to the REACH. This is because its shape, surface or design are less important for its functioning than its chemical composition. As a substance or a mixture, a permanent magnet is subject to the applicable provisions of the REACH and CLP regulation “.

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