Neodymium Rubber Magnets


High Quality Magnetic Rubber – Strips and Sheets

Permanent magnetic sheets are widely used in many industries and applications. They are a combination of ceramic ferrite magnet powder and a flexible thermoplastic binder. This type of magnetic compound joins the high energy density of rare earth powder with the wide choice of possible shapes with easy workability and robustness of magnetic rubber.

Industrial Magnetic Strips and Sheets • Industrial Permanent Magnets

Neorub is obtained by mixing Neodymium Iron Boron powder with synthetic rubber. Thanks to its higher performance compared to other magnets, this magnet compound is more and more under attention of designers as alternative to ferrite rubber.Permanent industrial magnetic rubbers strips and sheets can perfectly be used in:

  • lifting systems
  • gadgets
  • magnetotherapy
  • motors
  • generators
  • sensors

The Production of Magnetic Strips and Sheets

Our permanent magnetic sheets are beneficial in many ways for many industries. MPI Magnets has been in the market for almost three decades. What differentiates our company from our competitors in the market is the quality of our products and the excellent customer service that we offer.

The competent engineers at MPI Magnets design and develop a wide variety of flexible industrial magnetic strips and sheets able to meet all your specific needs. Our products are manufactured and assembled using the most modern technology, and we ensure 100% functionality and high-performance.