Sintered and Cast Alnico Magnets


Industrial Sintered & Cast Alnico Magnets

Alnico permanent magnets were developed in the 30′. They had a wide usage during the WW II in the production of military electronic applications. In the following years, they’re use had a great increase and replaced magnet steel in the manufacturing of many applications.

What makes Alnico a preferred magnet material for many manufacturers is its high induction levels with good resistance to demagnetization and stability. This occurs because industrial sintered alnico magnets have a low-temperature coefficient and are produced at an affordable cost.

Alnico is an alloy of Fe-Al-Ni-Co to which other components in small quantities can be added. Magnets are obtained by melting in medium frequency induction furnaces and cast in sand (shell) molds.

The production of Industrial Sintered & Cast Alnico Magnets

Final magnetic properties are obtained by special heat treatment in case of the anisotropic Alnico type, the thermal treatment occurs in presence of strong magnetic fields. The purpose of these fields is to orientate particles of a highly magnetic phase, precipitated during the heat treatment, thus increasing magnetic properties in the direction of the magnetic field during treatment.

Final magnetization and application must occur in the same direction in order to have best results. Therefore these magnets are called oriented or anisotropic. Alnico magnets have high remanence (Br) and high value of energy product combined with the lowest temperature coefficient of all known permanent magnetic materials.

Thanks to these characteristics they particularly fit for usage in:

  • instruments for electric measurements
  • other types of equipments where high precision and thermal stability are required

MPI has an internal measurement laboratory where high-quality alnico cast permanent magnets and industrial sintered alnico magnets are produced. Our highly experienced technicians and certified engineers ensure a careful production process and flawless assembling of our magnetic products.

All our items, such as alnico horseshoe magnets, are in high-demand and are distributed to a wide customer base for many years now. We have the experience to provide you with premium grade products and help you meet your ultimate business goals!