Oxides Powder

Strong Oxide Powder for Rubber Magnets

Oxides Powder

High-Quality Oxide Powder for Rubber Magnets

MPI Magnets uses the highest quality products to manufacture industrial permanent magnets. One of the most important components needed to develop a flawless magnetic product is the strong oxide powder for permanent magnets.

The powder used for the production of various kinds of flexible permanent magnets has good compatibility with a variety of composite materials such as PVC and rubber. Some of the best products that we build using the best powder for industrial permanent magnets are:

  • Permanent Flexible Magnetic Sheets
  • Permanent Flexible Magnetic Stripes

We have designed a strict quality control and assurance system that ensures the uniform  stability of the magnetic properties.  Furthermore, depending on the customer demands, needs, and specific requirements, or professional team of qualified engineers and technicians can design, develop, and produce any related product.

MPI Magnets has the experience and expertise to meet all your expectations, and help you achieve all your long-term business objectives.