Earth’s magnetic field is reversing. And now?

Earth’s magnetic field is reversing. And now?

The earth’s magnetic field, or geomagnetic field, is acting up. The latest news about its moving are quite worrying. But in reality, it is not such an alarming event.

The Earth’s magnetic field is fundamental for our surviving and for life in general. As we will see, if an electromagnetic field did not exist, solar radiations would cause a lot of damage.

Earth’s moving and reversing is not bothering scientists. This phenomenon also happened in the past and should not affect life on earth.

Let’s just deepen the question and understand what the geomagnetic field is and why it is so important.


Earth’s magnetic field. What is it?

The earth’s magnetic field is a physical phenomenon. It is present on Planet Earth by its nature and, according to the widely held theories, it was formed 4 billion years ago. We are dealing with a magnetic field, generated by a magnetic dipole which is located at the centre of the Earth and inclined 11 ° 30 ‘with respect to the Earth’s axis. Places where the dipole comes out from the earth’s surface are called geomagnetic poles. They do not coincide with the geographic poles of our planet, because they are slightly displaced. The geomagnetic field appears compressed on the Earth side exposed to the sun. This is due to the action performed by the electromagnetic shield.

The electromagnetic shield. Why is it so important?

The geomagnetic field plays a very important role, because it is created within the earth’s nucleus. From there, it expands throughout the space and shapes a zone called magnetosphere.

The magnetosphere creates itself an electromagnetic shield, which is fundamental for life on earth, because it protects the surface from the charged particles of the solar wind. This is why the geomagnetic field appears as if it was crushed on the part exposed to the sun.

Is the geomagnetic field moving?

According to a study carried out in the last decades, the Earth’s magnetic field is not only weakening, but also moving slowly. The magnetic North Pole has in fact moved from Canada to Russia. This phenomenon, however, should not be particularly frightening. It is a normal behaviour for the magnetic field to move and even to completely reverse. It is a phenomenon that already happened in the past and according to research it does not have consequences for humans. There is no guarantee that the Earth’s magnetic field will completely reverse.This is just a hypothesis for now. But if it happened, it could be a problem for some species in particular. If in fact for men the inversion of the magnetic field does not raise concerns, those species that take advantage of it in order to move and migrate (such as birds or sea turtles) could find themselves destabilized and would be put to the test. However, we have to remember that the geomagnetic field is constantly moving and this phenomenon is completely normal.Such an inversion would not cause apocalyptic outcomes as we would think, at least not on men.


(Source: Informazione Ambiente)